Free Online Python Training

Coding is becoming more popular than ever in the current digital age. To keep up with the technological aspects that are creeping into the job market these days, people have to learn more coding and programming skills than ever before. One that many are starting to learn more of is the programming language known as Python. The good news is that this language can be learned from many free sources, which you learn more about below.

Python is a popular programming language that is known for its dynamic semantics. These easy-to-learn semantics allow it to be more object oriented. This allows it to be easily integrated with Rapid Application Development to connect its existing components together with dynamic binding and typing. It is also simple to debug and quite a productivity booster.


There are plenty of colleges and paid college courses online that teach this general programming language. However, that may not be an option for some people. Some may need to learn it for a degree or a job and not have the time, transportation, or funds to use this method. That is where these free online courses come in.

Many big name tech companies and educational facilities have realized how important it is for as many people as possible to learn this programming language. Companies like Google, Codeacademy, and many others have pulled their extensive coding resources and knowledge to provide comprehensive free online courses for everyone. All you have to do is read the introduction and syllabus of the courses to see what what each course will teach so that you can decide on the one that fits your needs and schedule best.

These majority of these courses appear like any other online courses where you have materials to read and media to watch and listen to that teach you various concepts like setting up Python, learning strings, lists, and the like that are essential to its coding. Then, you actually get to perform practice exercises where you can apply that information in Python by yourself. You can then perform quizzes to test your understanding of each lesson and create projects to reinforce what you’ve learned. While each person and course is different, the courses for Python training generally last a few hours to several weeks to provide a solid foundation.

The majority of these courses are geared toward beginners. The types of beginners are generally those who have had little to no formal training in any type of coding. While these courses may be free, they do offer purchase options for new coders to receive certificates that they can use for their online resumes, CVs, and other online professional profiles.

As you can see, there is a lot of promise for free online Python coding courses. Almost anyone can join one of the many that are backed by large tech companies and educational facilities to learn, practice, and get comfortable with programming in the dynamic language. Just like any other online courses, it will take time, dedication, and practice, but you can learn a truly valuable coding language that may lead to more professional success in the future.

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  • How To Learn SEO In Just One Week

    Ranking a website on the search engines today, especially Google, can be a very complex situation. It might seem to be much easier in your mind, but these mental images are quickly shattered when you realize your efforts of not help you rank your website at all. Most people only try one or two strategies that are supposed to work, and for some they will. That’s why you need to know multiple strategies, ones that you can use as a backup, or in addition to the ones that you have right now, to make sure that you achieve page 1 rankings. You can learn how to do search engine optimization in as little as a week, and start to see results shortly thereafter.

    Why Today’s SEO Strategies Are So Different

    The search engine optimization strategies that were developed a decade ago are not very similar to the ones that we used today. They have grown in complexly, and if you are not able to adapt to these changes, your ability to rank on the search engines is going to diminish greatly. SEO techniques that are successful today tend to be ones that are a conglomeration of multiple strategies. There are on-site strategies which must be used on your website to help improve your chances of getting to a top position, whereas off-site strategies like link building are even more complex. The reason they are so different is because there is more competition today than ever before, and the search engines do not like people understanding how to game their system. They want to make sure that no one person, or group, has truly discovered how to consistently rank pages for any given keyword, as that would compromise their ability to place websites that they deem worthy at the top of the search engine results.

    How To Discover And Learn The Best Strategies

    The most competent people with search engine optimization tend to be those that have subscribed to multiple newsletters were experts are discussing the latest strategies. They may also have purchased courses that have been designed by people that are experts in the field, willing to share their information with their paying customers. The best I have seen for this option is to attend Gotch SEO Academy, truly a top notch course. You can also do experiments on your own by testing different strategies to see which ones work the best, which will also show you which ones do not work at all. By going through this process of discovery, you can quickly learn which strategies actually do work and produce results, allowing you to start generating more income.

    Which Strategies Actually Work Today?

    It is well-known that there are two strategies that have worked since the beginning, and it is doubtful that they will ever failed to do so. It is only by using them in conjunction with more modern strategies that you can completely overcome your competition on the search engines. One strategy is using unique content, preferably on every single page that you post. Some of the content can be curated, but it is recommended that you use unique articles on each page as this is always going to rank better than that you purchase or find on the web. The second strategy that will always work is link building as the search engines must use this to determine the value of any one particular page. The more links that a page has from different locations across the web, the more popularity it seems to have, at least in the eyes of the search engine algorithms. These two strategies alone will help you get above most of your competition, but it is only by adding outbound links that are directed toward your competitors sites that are already ranking for your main keyword that you can rise above them. By interconnecting or interlinking your existing pages, preferably those that are discussing similar topics, this can also help you out rank the competition.

    Now that you have a little better idea of which strategies work the best, and how to use modern strategies with those that always work, you are armed with techniques that can help you rank high. Just remember that the website that is in the number one position gets the vast majority of the traffic, and by using these techniques, or by hiring a SEO professional that can do this for you, you will soon be receiving very targeted traffic from people searching for information and products that you have on your website, techniques that you can learn in just one week.

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    How to Destroy your Inner Enemies!

    First of all, you might ask “What are our Inner Enemies?Answer: They are the things that we, as human beings struggle with in our minds every day. When we are heavily attached to another person or object in such a way that it becomes unhealthy.Or: simply put – our anger. This can manifest in many different ways. Frustration, leading to anxiety or hypertension; hatred for other people or things an all-out, blowout anger leading to yelling or even breaking things or getting physical with other people at the extremes.Third, aversion. Avoiding other people or situations or things that are probably okay for us but we have this strong, unhealthy aversion to these “okay” things.So these are the three basic experiences we have that constitute our Inner Enemies and everything else if you look deeply enough is a branch of these. Anger, Attachment and Aversion.

    Two people working with computer and book.

    Even sadness can usually be traced to an object or person. Something or somebody that we lost. This is attachment. Sure a mourning period is necessary. But most of us (myself included) tend to mourn for overly long periods of time and are so heavily emotional about it that we can operate at near-dysfunctional levels. The intensity of sadness can be overwhelming sometimes and it really is not good for us. So this isn’t the whole ball of wax…it took me years to figure it out and there are deeper basics that need to be learned first (as they say “You can’t run before you can walk”) but if you have an idea of what it should look like or feel like, then you are headed in that direction.With Attachment, we have to first see the situation for what it really is. And to be blunt and a bit ‘in your face’ about it, we typically end up playing the ‘poor me’ card when someone ELSE has passed or if something got broken. If we look into the big cosmic picture and practice the antidote of ‘Egolessness’ then we see – it’s NOT about US. We are so focused on ourselves and how bad we feel we tend to forget about that person’s family. If it’s a pet we have to put down we oftentimes are mostly considering our own well being when it’s the poor animal that is suffering.

    But we make it about US. Time to shift your viewpoint and look past the veil and get out of ourselves. Take a look from Eternity’s side. It’s best to meditate to see the whole picture and realize how small we really are in the occasion. Easier said than done right?Okay, now for our Anger. I’ve heard people say “I never get angry.” But then witnessed them get right out of control sometimes! Whether it’s subtle and withheld or extreme, we are still angry. Again, be totally honest with yourself (and yes, this hurts sometimes as we feel like a ‘bad person’ when we really investigate our inner selves at times but be honest until it hurts! Then you have seen past the veil. If you can step out of your shoes and really feel and see things from an outsider’s viewpoint then you become ‘The Observer’ of yourself. This will spur you on to a better life right away! Take a look at your anger. No matter how subtle it is. And meditate (or go for a long walk and contemplate) so that you see it for what it really is. This is no time for deluding yourself. I’ve scoped my mind for how many judgements I’ve made in a day and been ashamed of myself! Ignorant people at church, and more useless judgements.

    But realize that you are only human and we are conditioned since birth. It will take a lot of consciousness and looking within even to recognize these things. The hardest part is recognizing and then admitting to yourself and to someone you trust or who may even be a mentor that you see how poorly you really are in control of your own mind. This is great! There is no way to go but up from here! You may feel ‘bad’ about it but remember Guilt is a useless emotion. Time to move onward and upward. The nice thing about this too is that now that you can ‘See’ then you know what you need to work on. And it’s like riding a bike, hard to learn at first, seems impossible but once you’ve mastered it, there is no going back. We should even consider Santa Monica tutoring services to help us learn that the antidote to Anger is Compassion, if that’s what it takes. We should meditate on this. If we can take ourselves out of ourselves and simply exist in the breath, then we can get out of ourselves and step in someone else’s shoes and feel the other person’s feelings. Maybe understand that it wasn’t their intent to hurt or harm us. Intent is everything. Even if we can’t see it, usually people mess up by accident and don’t mean to harm us.

    My teacher Phuntsog would tell us, the Sangha “We think that that person SHOULDN’T have done that! But if we look deeper, there are a million different reasons why they ‘SHOULD’ have done exactly as they did…. Contemplate that. Conditioning, didn’t see us, Religion, Culture, peer pressure, just ignorance (not knowing) etc. Meditate on compassion if even for a few deep breaths and you will see this and feel more relaxed with the situation. Anger only HURTS YOU. The other person doesn’t even feel it. It is bad for our health.Okay, so the next one is Aversion. When we avoid – we are ‘against’. This creates strain. If it’s procrastination, it just builds in us and gets deeper and deeper until we feel like we are going to explode. It creates tension and anxiety. The best way to deal with this is to ‘let go’ of all our negative feelings or anticipation of the situation being ‘bad’. Usually once we get there or face it, the anticipation was far worse than the actual event. We have to remind ourselves of this as soon as we feel a wall going up. Nip it in the bud and remember all of the other times we felt this way and how good we have felt once things were in full swing or taken care of. When we are against something it creates strain. It creates the attitude of ‘fight or flight’. Not good for us.


    So when we meditate on ‘letting go’ then this is the antidote. We can imagine ourselves flowing through the situation gently and allowing it. Once we manage to get to the other end of this (it may take 10 or more tries in as many different situations) but we need once again to recognizing it, admitting it and seeing the bubbles of these emotions as they start. To be on top of our emotions. Be the ‘Observer’ of ourselves. When you get good at this you will say “Wow! what a different life I am living now!”  If we were doing a rally “for Peace” or a rally “for clean living” wouldn’t that feel better than being involved in “the war against crime” or “the war against Drugs” ? So breathe, relax first, then let the air flow through you like the wind through the trees and Let Go, and let go and let go again. Practice it. Like shooting hoops in Basketball. Allow, allow and allow and have compassion in your heart. Some people have this naturally, but if you are like me, you need to practice it. Just like exercise, if we quit we fall out of shape.So there are the 3 Inner Enemies and their antidotes. PS. Don’t let yourself fall out of Spiritual Shape.Altruistic love,Rick

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